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Posted on: 2016-04-25 11:32:50
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Simple checks to do with boiler repairs

When you have a boiler that is more than 20 years old, then you have to check the pilot light regularly. There is a see-through window that will let you easily see its flame. When the boiler is combusting in the right way, it will be blue, but if the color has turned yellow, you should call an engineer for boiler repairs Swiss Cottage. When the pilot light is off, you have to consult the manual to see how you can turn it on, and this may involve holding down a reset button and clicking an ignition switch. After the flame has reappeared, you have to keep the reset button pressed for at least 30 seconds before you can release it. When this does not work after a few attempts, you may need professional help.

When a pilot flame has been lit but you do not have hot water or any heat, then the ball valve may have stuck in the expansion tank or in the feed. The typical symptoms include the upstairs radiator being cold and if there is no air or water that comes out of it. In this case, you should try bleeding them. The circulation pump can also be noisy. If you go feeding the expansion tank, which is next to the cold water tank, and you find it is empty, you have to move the ball and the valve up or down.

The valve will be able to work again and the feed with the expansion tank has to start filling up once again. Instead of hiring professionals to do boiler repairs Swiss Cottage most of the time, you may need to save money when you use a new sealed system. The old and open vented boiler gets air from the inside, but a new boiler gets air from the outside.

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